Descend into twisted mazes and caverns of Shadowdepths.




In Scaledeep, you take on the role of a lone hero who tries to descend into the unknown depths of the twisted mazes and caverns of Shadowdepths. Rumor says, there is a vast knowledge and riches hidden in the hearth of depths. There is no written documentation or maps from survivors who dared to enter the mazes and escape alive; at least, no rumors match what you can find down there. Except for one: the mazes are always different. Walls and corridors change, and horrors of every size and shape lurk in the dark, waiting for their next prey.

Master your skills to overcome events in a randomly generated world. Even the walls are procedurally generated with 3D procedural geometry. Scaledeep is a true roguelike game featuring a fast or slow pace based on the player’s preference, with the possibility to finish the game in under an hour.

Coming to Windows, MacOS, Linux, and possibly Playstation and XBOX.

*3DPG – Walls and floors are generated by procedural algorithms and parameterized by random values. From the player’s point of view, every level will have different walls, randomly textured by the algorithm.


  • Turn-based gameplay
  • 2 player couch-co
  • Multiple language support
  • Randomly generated 40 levels deep dungeon
  • 58 very different MONSTERS
  • Environmental effects
  • Huge amount of ITEMS, with blessed and cursed variations, and rare powerful enchantments
  • 4 playable races
  • 3 playable classes
  • 12 birth sign effects
  • Various battle SKILLS
  • Many wonderful SPELLS

How to live

  • Find your playing style. You can be a pure archer, a warrior who throws magic into the face of enemies in close combat, a wizard clerk, or…name it…
  • Dual wield sword and bow. Or any other melee and ranged weapons. No penalties for that!
  • Be a blacksmith and fix your armor and weapons during your journey.
  • Gather herbs and be a powerful alchemist. Or be an apprentice alchemist and make only things that blow up.
  • Or be Jack-Of-All-Trades and be everything listed above!

How to Die

  • GET ROASTED by dragon breath
  • BURN to death from either normal or magical fire
  • DIE diseased FROM PLAGUE
  • TURN into wraith
  • Disgracefully SINK INTO LAVA
  • BREAK A NECK by falling through a hole in the ground.
  • And many others to be discovered…